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Bright Futures

At Excelus Financial Inc. we know that having the ability to understand personal finance and to obtain credit is the lifeline to creating a “Bright Future” for our Clients and their families, therefore, fulfilling financial dreams for thousands of Canadians.

We help our Clients to Build, Create or Restore their good Credit.

We know that Credit Building is Asset Building; therefore, we provide Credit Building Services, Secured Savings Credit Building Loans combined with Credit Education.

Our Clients Save Money, Build Credit, and learn how to:

  • Understand what a credit score means and why it is vital to their overall financial well being
  • Avoid common credit mistakes
  • Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest charges
  • Create a unique “Bright Future Account” to help improve their credit profile and score while building savings they can use towards their future goals
  • Improve their Credit Rating and get lower interest rates on all their borrowing!

  Credit Building Programs

Work with our Experts and choose from three core programs:

  • $1,815.00,
  • $2,315.00
  • $3,315.00

Complete your program in as little as 18 months. Excelus Financial Inc. offers short-term secured savings loans and credit education which are intended to improve your financial literacy in addition to building good credit. Borrow responsibly and make your payments on time. All the time!

Create a Bright Future full of hope and possibility with Excelus Financial Inc.  We provide services to anyone requiring assistance with building credit.

                      Apply today online today in 2 minutes at www.excelus.   

 Excelus Financial Inc. your # 1 choice for Credit Building Products and Credit Education. 

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