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Credit Building Loans @ Excelus

Bright Futures

At Excelus Financial Inc. we know that having the ability to understand personal finance and to obtain credit is the lifeline to creating a “Bright Future” for our Clients and their families, therefore, fulfilling financial dreams for thousands of Canadians.

We help our Clients to Build, Create or Restore their good Credit.

We know that Credit Building is Asset Building; therefore, we provide Credit Building Services, Secured Savings Credit Building Loans combined with Credit Education.

Our Clients Save Money, Build Credit, and learn how to:

  • Understand what a credit score means and why it is
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Financial Fraud – Prevent Identity Theft

Great tips, READ THIS! 9 ways to recover from financial fraud and prevent identity theft

Picture this scenario – you receive a phone call from your bank asking if you purchased something for $215.63 from an online retailer yesterday. You confirm that no, you did not. Your bank tells you that it appears as if you have been the victim of fraud and identity theft and that they will reverse the charges after an investigation is placed on your account.

The bank suggests that you go to your local branch and change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and your online banking password. They give you no further information regarding what you should do and how … Read More >

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Dollars & Sense (2)


Far too often wants are driven by the desire to have what others have.  This desire is referred to as keeping up with the Joneses.  Whomever, the Joneses, are should have little or no influence on your spending.  What others do and have should not control or even influence what you purchase.  Achieving your financial happiness and well-being should be far more critical.  Defining yourself is not what you have or what you own; it is who you are that matters.  In the long run, the high confidence that you develop from gaining financial self-mastery will … Read More >

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Before Shopping, Consider Stopping;



Shopping has become one of Canada’s favorite pastimes but is also a massive contributor to debt and financial difficulty.  Fortunes are spent, unneeded items are bought, and cash registers continue to ring.  Canadians seem to have an unquenchable desire for more things.  When a charge card is at its limit, another account is opened.  What is more, advertisers fill the media with beautiful items, exclusive discounts, and catchy slogans.  It is no wonder that personal debt is galloping out of control and savings accounts are depleted.  Something must be done, and … Read More >

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Women Take Charge of the Finances and Reduce Stress!

At Women and Money Inc. we recommend the following:

Money is an emotional subject it either makes us happy, sad or fearful. Try to think about money as your friend, not your enemy. Track your spending every week make time to go over your finances and understand where your money is going. It will help you to decide to keep spending the way you are or to alter your spending patterns.

Trust your self that you know what is best for you. Spend time researching items before buying them. This is especially true if you are making a “big … Read More >

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Protecting Yourself from Fraud – And the Bank

In Canada, you are innocent until you’re proven guilty.  It would appear that our banking system has forgotten this simple fact.

Lyndsay Passmore (  had 4 credit cards stolen.  When she noticed them missing, she contacted the appropriate banks.  In the interim between the cards being taken and her reporting them stolen, the thieves had taken approximately $15,000 in cash advances and charges.  Her bank, while absorbing some of the charges, tried to put Ms. Passmore on the hook for $4000, citing the fact that her Personal Identification Number (PIN) was inputted correctly the first time (which it … Read More >

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Judgement Day Under Reform

Behold, judgement day is upon us, or more accurately, money judgement day.

When I first looked at the new law being proposed in BC about money judgements I almost cried. It’s terrifying to see how many bad things can happen to people if they should have serious debt problems. They even use the word execution.

Money judgements are the second last step in the collection of debts before the final solution for an impossible debt problem, a bankruptcy. Creditors must go to court, first, to get what is known as a judgement so they can begin to take property away … Read More >

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Trovi and the top 10 scams you need to watch out for

Arm yourself with knowledge: read a story about the Trovi virus and a list of the top 10 scams you need to watch out for!

A good friend of mine knows all about phishing and never to visit unknown websites – or to open unexpected attachments. Even so, last Friday night at 11:30pm he received a file he was expecting from a known colleague.

The files were big and were sent through Sendspace. When he got it he clicked on Sendspace after which a prompt popped up and informed him that he needed a software upgrade to gain access. So far so good.… Read More >

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How Using Coupons Blew My Budget (Coupon Fail)

Coupon fail! How using coupons blew my budget - and how you can avoid my mistake!

By Courtney @ Women & Money Inc.

The other night I received $20 worth of coupons to use at a local restaurant, with no restrictions.

We had never been to this restaurant before so I checked out the website to read the menu, which had a variety of tasty sounding dishes as well as kid’s meals, but no prices listed. My husband and I didn’t have a dinner planned for that night, so we thought we’d pack up the kids and have a cheap dinner out.… Read More >

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Debt is not forever

Debt is not forever! Here's some awesome free resources for getting out of debt

Are the credit card bills piling up from your holiday spending? If you won’t be able to pay them off for a while, you’re probably resigned to the fact that debt is just a part of life.

Debt comes, and it may go, but more will come. Debt will always be a part of your finances.

But you are wrong. Because debt does not need to be your close friend/enemy.… Read More >

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Doing It My Way

Doing It My Way: How to Organize Your Affairs, Clarify your Wishes and Leave a Lasting Legacy

By Margaret H. Johnson

When my dad passed away very suddenly, his financial affairs were well organized, but we didn’t know what any of his last personal wishes were. My mom, siblings and I had to make difficult decisions, not knowing what he truly would have wanted us to do. All that stress was compounded by our grief.

After that experience I realized I needed to organize my own affairs and clarify my wishes. And I wondered, how many others are in the … Read More >

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Reach Your Financial Goals Last Year

This is just what I needed! Can't wait to try these tips! - 5 reasons you didn't reach your financial goals last year and how to achieve them this year.

A fresh new year is a motivating time for change; you want to move closer to your financial goals, you want to gain new habits; you want things to be different this year. This is how most of us feel this time of year — it’s in our nature.

But you’re not quite sure how to go about achieving your goals. You try to save money where you can, you try not to overspend, but you still can’t seem to get a good handle on your money and gain real progress towards your goals.

And at the back of your … Read More >

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My Early Christmas Present and Your New Tool for the New Year

By Margaret H. Johnson

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – now that I pulled myself away from the internet and escaped to Vancouver Island to pick up my mother.

2014 has been such a busy and fulfilling year for me, for my staff and all the programs we have worked so hard to produce for our stakeholders. The wheels have been spinning so fast that I have truly been lost in the gravitational pull of daily routine and the solar heat of managing your own business. Sometimes I forget that my family and friends are all waiting … Read More >

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Simple Money Advice

5 pieces of Simple Money Advice that EVERYONE should follow! Why they are the best money tips to listen to.

Do you remember the last piece of really good money advice that you got? Who did you get it from? Was it your parents, your co-worker, your neighbour? Was it from a magazine at the dentist’s office or an inspirational Pinterest board? Where ever you heard it, chances are you remember it because it resonated deeply with you.

Below are some of the most common but smartest ‘money clichés’ that you’ve probably heard – and maybe some that you haven’t!… Read More >

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Why we Buy Luxury Items we Can’t Afford

Interesting topic... Why we buy luxury items we can't afford

How much would you consider spending on a luxury item that you really, really coveted?  How about a lavish designer purse, like a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel?

We’ve all seen the gossip magazines – the ones that feature celebrities carrying expensive, outrageously priced handbags.  How can one purse be worth $5, 000, or even $10, 000, or more?  After all, it’s not encrusted with diamonds or gold.  Really, when you break down the item, it’s just leather and hardware.… Read More >

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How to Change your Money Relationship to Achieve your Dreams

How to discover and change your money relationship to get out of debt and find wealth

You have big dreams, you know things need to change, but you just can’t seem to get out of the money rut you’re stuck in. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong or how to fix it. Well you should know, your current financial position is the result of your “money relationship”. The deeply entrenched feelings you have towards money, probably subconsciously, are driving those money habits you can’t seem to quit.… Read More >

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What Money Mistakes Are You Making?

What money mistakes are you making? The top 4 money mistakes and how to fix them.

I often speak with individuals who claim that they’ve made money mistakes in the past.  “Why didn’t I just do __________!” they tell me, often very regretfully.  While some people are quick to learn from their money blunders, others repeat them without realizing where they went wrong in the first place.  As you probably know, mistakes are disguised lessons – so let’s learn from your past so that you can have a brighter future!… Read More >

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International Day of the Girl Child 2014

International Day of the Girl Child is October 11. Each year since it was declared by the United Nations in 2012, the day has been centered on a different theme of girls rights. In 2012 it was ending child marriage, in 2013 it was innovating for girls education, and this year 2014 the theme is “Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence”.

If you are wondering what this is all about, search the hashtag #BrighterFuture. People are using social media to express the importance of equality for girls, and specifically what needs to change in the current global practice … Read More >

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How to Afford a Vacation Every Year

Smart strategies show you how to afford a vacation every year! Read this asap!

Not everyone can afford to take a vacation every year, but many people don’t think they can when they actually can! If you love going on vacation and wish you could more often, read our strategies to find out how.… Read More >

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Unload the Freeloader: How to Stop Someone From Mooching

Ok I'll be doing these tips asap! - how to stop someone from mooching

We all know the type: the cheque comes, and they are nowhere to be found. You invite her over for dinner, and she shows up empty handed – but leaves with leftovers and a bottle of wine. You carpool with him and he never offers you gas money. You constantly babysit their two children, and they never offer you financial compensation or free babysitting for your kids. You may be related to this person or they might be a friend, co-worker, or neighbour.

Regardless, we’ve all had experiences with people who mooch from us.  They drain our financial resources and … Read More >

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