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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the sacred day of the year when we remember to honor our mothers, for all that they do for us and how much they mean to us.… Read More >

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Let’s Talk Banking: How to choose a Bank and Banking Structure

Let's talk banking: how to choose a financial institution and banking structure |

Did you know there are 61 Banks operating in Canada?

Banking is one of those life skills that nobody ever teaches you, and you’re left to sort through the barrage of banking propaganda and figure it out on your own, though most of us never really do. Of course it’s in our best financial interest to understand what’s going on with our accounts and what our options are. So we are going to talk about how to choose a bank and banking structure, and I have a few pieces of advice on the matter to share with you.… Read More >

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Can we afford to have children?

Can we afford to have children? -

Having and raising children: Are we asking the wrong questions?

Many couples that I work with on a daily basis say things such as “When we have children…” or “We want to have kids.”  I rarely, if ever, meet a couple who actually question whether they have the temperament, lifestyle, or arguably the most important factor, the finances, to raise a child.  The assumption that money will present itself when it is needed, usually by grandparents or during baby showers and the like – is just that, an assumption.  How did we move away from the most fundamental of all … Read More >

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Should I borrow to maximize RRSP tax savings?

By Margaret H Johnson

T’is the season to be… uh, um, jolly…. worried, maybe even frightened?

At the end of February, we are pressured to make some important financial decisions. One of the first is: “Do we pay down our debt or save on our taxes?” Read More >

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Financial Abuse

By Margaret H. Johnson

It is with a heavy heart that I read in the Vancouver Sun today about a financial adviser who targeted as many as 484 investors, many of them seniors, in an investment scheme alleged by the BC Securities Commission to have been premised on fraud and misrepresentations.… Read More >

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Shopping Hobby

By Margaret H Johnson

If you are like me, you grew up knowing that hobbies are activities that you do that can bring fulfillment, joy, inspiration, and a sense of pride.  Whether that hobby is playing sports, reading, learning an instrument, running, volunteering with animals, crocheting – whatever it is – hobbies bring out the best in us and make us more well-rounded and developed individuals. But these days, a popular past-time is the shopping hobby.… Read More >

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Credit Ratings

By Margaret H. Johnson

I have worried for the longest time about credit ratings. There are many good reasons for my fears.

To begin with credit ratings are based solely on mathematics – the days in arrears. You are judged in a moral way by being labeled with a good or bad rating. The reason for your problems doesn’t matter. Just the days in arrears.… Read More >

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Money Link: New Rules for Cell Phone Contracts in Canada

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) unveiled new rules for cell phone contracts in Canada. The rules allow cell phone customers to walk away from their contracts after two years without any early-cancellation penalties. If applicable, they will only be required to pay the remaining balance on their device tied to the contract.

Read the full article on
Read More >

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Youth Money and Debt

Lots of good coverage has been happening lately about the many dimensions to money and debt in the modern cellular-cybernetic world. From the Vancouver Sun comes an article supported by the Investor Education Fund Canada group that suggests half of all Canadian students aged 17 to 22 feel they should be better educated on how to handle money. The topic of youth money and debt certainly deserves more attention and action.… Read More >

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Payday Loans: What You Need to Know

Payday loans: what you need to know! -

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan, or payday advance, is a short-term loan of usually 14 days, which you promise to pay back, plus fees, after you receive your next paycheque. The loan is often between 30-50% of the amount of your paycheque.
To qualify for a payday loan, you must provide proof that you have a regular income, a permanent address and a bank account. You will have to sign a loan agreement which states the loan interest, fees, and due date. Most of the time you will need to provide a post-dated cheque for the full … Read More >

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Couples Finance: A Game Plan for Your Team

Couples Finance -A Game Plan for your Team -

There are many advantages that couples enjoy by sharing their finances – shared expenses, tax benefits, security, etc – which unfortunately single people cannot. However, sharing your finances with a partner is a very complicated issue, which often leads to conflict and even ending the relationship. Marriages, cohabitating couples and other shared finance relationships require a good deal of effort and thought in the money department, as well as cooperation from both parties in order to be successful. Follow our 4 steps to successful couples finance and develop a game plan for you team.… Read More >

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is another one of those occasions during the year that lack detailed planning. I have never seen Valentine’s Day identified as a separate expenditure on a family budget. It’s a bit like birthdays. We wait until the event arrives and make a quick decision.

Sometimes this shrug of the shoulders at the last minute ends in the deep end of the red ink well. Roses tend to top the list as the mainstay gift or love token as retailers propel the price for this one day frenzy up to the highest regions of the stratosphere. How many times … Read More >

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How to Curb Online Shopping in 5 Easy Steps

How to Curb Online Shopping in 5 Easy Steps! -

Do you find that you are becoming an avid online shopper, bordering on addicted? While there are many benefits to shopping online, the ease of the process can lead you to shop more than you would otherwise, and spend more money than perhaps you should.… Read More >

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A senior’s letter to her bank – Elder Banking… Priceless!

Senior's letter to her bank Priceless! -

Due to the bank’s impersonal business practices and unnecessary fees, an elderly woman sent a hilarious revenge letter to her bank.

Shown below is the actual letter that the 86 year old woman sent to her bank. Elder banking… priceless!

Read More >

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Me Inc. – manage your money like a boss!

Me Inc. Manage your money like a boss -

You can be the boss! Every business must have a financial game plan. It’s the same in daily life.

No business would dream of entering a new year without some kind of financial game plan to give it an idea of how it’s been doing and where it wants to go.

Treat your personal finances like a business (Me Inc.) and manage your money like a boss! Me Inc. differs only in size and legal status. You, the sole proprietor, take in a certain amount of revenue and meet certain expenses out of it. If you’re organized, and prudent, you’ll … Read More >

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Dollars and $ense: how to manage your money

Dollars and Sense: how to manage your money -

Many people, especially women, don’t put the effort into managing their own money. We want to encourage you and offer some advice on how to manage your money for yourself, to gain control of your financial life and confidence in your future.… Read More >

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