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Debt Freedom 56

Before rushing into my usual tirade about banks doing surveys and leaving the impression their findings are indisputable facts, I just loved the reference quote in the article in the Vancouver Sun  today about a boomer who lived through double-digit interest rates in the 1980s and over the years missed more than one naïve financial goal.

Yes. How many naïve financial goals are we still being subjected to?

I have recently researched the top selling personal finance books and suddenly realized that pretty much all of them make the roadway to wealth and retirement sound far too easy.

Dave Ramsey, … Read More >

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Abuse Against Seniors

Recently an article in the Vancouver Sun got my blood boiling.

It was a story about a man in St. Catherines Ontario who lost his home, his car and many of his possessions. A fraudster emptied his bank account, mortgaged his home and in total stole $200,00 leaving the senior with $20 to his name. Although they could not provide any details, the police called it the worst case of elder abuse they had ever seen.

It seems that the fraudster was someone the senior knew and trusted – an employee of the credit union where he banked.

Abuse generally … Read More >

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Getting Credit In Retirement

Getting Credit in Retirement -

Getting Credit When You’re Retired

If you’re retired or over the age of 55, and wondering if you can apply for new credit, you certainly can! But first, make sure to read our tips and advice on getting credit in retirement and do your due diligence first.… Read More >

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Gambling to Supplement Retirement Incomes?

By Margaret H Johnson

Don’t worry folks. This is not an essay on economics. It’s a cry for help for seniors. A recent Vancouver Sun article about how the majority of Canadians need CPP or a lottery win for retirement reminded me about how desperate the financial struggle of the elderly really is.… Read More >

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Should I borrow to maximize RRSP tax savings?

By Margaret H Johnson

T’is the season to be… uh, um, jolly…. worried, maybe even frightened?

At the end of February, we are pressured to make some important financial decisions. One of the first is: “Do we pay down our debt or save on our taxes?” Read More >

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Pension Fears

By Margaret H. Johnson

A friend of mine just told me a horrifying story. His daughter has been on a disability pension for less than a year and she’s already been cut off once for missing an appointment with a doctor because she could not arrange for babysitting for her two young children, both under the age of 5.… Read More >

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Living through the “Golden Years” Financially Free

Living through the golden years financially free -

Everyone dreams of financial freedom, whether that means early retirement, a worry-free retirement or simply enjoying working while being free from debt and able to afford life’s pleasures and adventures. Take the steps toward becoming financially free by applying these top ten money saving tips to your everyday life, and read our guide on budgeting.… Read More >

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Pooled Pension Plans

Back in the day, people would often spend their entire career working for one company, and retire with the company’s pension plan. These days, only government employees and those who work for large corporations generally receive a pension, while the rest who work for smaller companies or are self-employed must rely on their own savings through RRSPs or real-estate investments. Until now.… Read More >

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Saving for Retirement

Saving for retirement -

The Canadian Pension Plan pays to all Canadian seniors over 65 who have made a CPP contribution, however the payments are below the poverty line in most cities in terms of the cost of living. Do you want to work all your life only to be impoverished when you are old, and unable to do anything about it? Do you want to work until you are 65, or would you prefer to retire earlier? You will need to have a savings plan for retirement beyond the CPP contributions deducted from your income.… Read More >

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