Maven Community

The Mavin Community’s vision is to educate women to financially strengthen their relationship with money and inspire other women to do the same.

Our Money Mavins are women who become secure with their money relationship – business and personal. Accumulated knowledge and mentoring from trusted resources and programs cultivate the Financial Mavin Within.

Mavin Community at Women and Money Inc. - Solving Your Money Puzzle

Our objectives are to encourage women to evolve on all levels by:

  • Transforming a debt story to a positive equity story;
  • Mentoring one another to elevate money awareness and acumen;
  • Learning the link between emotionally healthy communication and self-sufficiency;
  • Knowing one’s self worth is not connected to a credit or debt status;
  • Personal truth – If you love money, then how come you don’t have any?

Delivery of our objectives online and offline involves solutions through learning, inspiration and trusted resources, as well as programs to take ownership of one’s money relationship.

The outcome for our Maven Community is prosperity including:

  • Transitioning from subservient fear to graceful self-reliance;
  • The desire to become a Money Maven in her own right;
  • Money Mavens mentoring other women to cultivate their Maven Within.
“It’s not about the money. It’s all about the money.”
Margaret Johnson, founder and CEO