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Women and Money Inc. is dedicated to helping women understand personal and business finance. We provide free articles and resources, as well as workbooks, courses, coaching and debt counselling.

Are you a woman in debt? Speak with us first!

We look at your individual situation and advise on the best possible solution for you. We can help you finally get out of debt and be financially independent.

Money Mavin Leader: Margaret H. Johnson

Margaret Johnson 2014Our CEO and Money Mavin Leader, Margaret H. Johnson is a thought leader in the field of credit counselling and credit education with over 36 years of financial industry experience. As a successful business owner of Solutions Credit Counselling Service, two-time nominee for local Entrepreneur of the Year and the President of CAICCA Margaret has proven herself to be a respected community member and trusted financial expert. Meet Margaret…

Credit Counselling

Credit Counseling services are intended to inform you about personal finance, credit, money, debt and to assist you in learning ways to use credit wisely. When you understand how you can change your spending habits to positively affect your financial outcome, you will wonder why it took you so long to seek debt help! Find out more…

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation enables you to get help from your creditors in significantly lowering or eliminating your interest rates, stop late fees and/or over limit fees on credit cards. Lower interest rates translate into more of your monthly payment going towards your principal balance instead of finance charges. This means that you will be out of debt sooner. Find out more...

Rebuild Your Credit

Apply for your Secured VISA.

You have made a step in the right direction. This credit card is the only Secured VISA card in Canada and it will help you to establish your credit quickly. Read more…