“Empowering Women in All Walks-of-Life to Master Their Finances with Confidence”

About Women and Money Inc.

Introducing the Money Club by Women and Money Inc.

Are you a woman looking to take control of your finances and transform your relationship with money? Look no further than Women and Money Inc. We proudly present the Money Club, a safe, growth-oriented community specifically designed to empower women in all aspects of their financial lives. Whether you’re just starting out, have been in business for some time, are an entrepreneur struggling with debt, are experiencing a financial transition, or are a seasoned business owner, our virtual community is here to provide you with the support and resources you need. Join us to discover how you can confidently build a strong business, create wealth, and secure a solid financial future for yourself and your family.

In addition to our core mission of empowering women in their financial journey, the Money Club acknowledges the importance of addressing other key themes closely intertwined with money management. Our holistic approach to personal finance extends beyond just the numbers on a bank statement. We strive to provide our members with the tools and knowledge to navigate these interconnected aspects of their financial lives.

One central theme we explore is the concept of one’s self-worth and its impact on financial decisions. Society often perpetuates an unfortunate belief that a person’s value is determined by their bank account balance. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity, especially for women historically marginalized financially. Through our financial courses, workshops, interconnected resources, and confidential discussions, we aim to break down these barriers and help our members understand that their worth extends far beyond their financial status.

Another theme we address is financial literacy, often lacking in traditional education systems. Many women enter adulthood with little understanding of how to manage money effectively. We help bridge this gap by providing comprehensive resources on money mapping, budgeting, investing, strategic debt management strategies, and other essential financial skills. By equipping our members with this knowledge, we empower them to make informed decisions and take control of their financial futures.

The Money Club also recognizes the importance of mental health and its significant influence on financial well-being. Financial stress can be a heavy burden, often leading to anxiety, depression, and strained relationships. Through regular financial health check-ins and access to stress management and self-care resources, we aim to create a supportive environment where members can address their emotional needs and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Additionally, we understand the unique challenges women entrepreneurs and business owners face. The Money Club offers specialized coaching, guidance and mentorship in navigating the business landscape, securing funding, and developing effective financial strategies. We believe that by empowering women in their money journey and entrepreneurial pursuits, we contribute to a more equitable and diverse economic landscape.

Lastly, the Money Club recognizes the power of giving back and the role of philanthropy in personal finance. We encourage our members to embrace the concept of “money with a mission” and explore avenues to impact their communities positively. Through relationships with charitable organizations and educational programs on sustainable giving, we aim to foster a sense of social responsibility and empower our members to use their financial resources for the greater good.

At Women and Money Inc., the Money Club provides a safe and inclusive space for women to explore these interconnected themes and transform their relationships with money. We believe that by addressing the multifaceted aspects of personal finance, we can foster a community of empowered women who not only achieve financial success but also value their own self-worth, prioritize their mental health, support each other in their entrepreneurial endeavors, and make a positive impact on the world around them. Join the Money Club today and embark on a transformative financial journey like no other!

Money Club Maven Leader: Margaret H. Johnson

Margaret Johnson 2014Our President, CEO, and Money Maven Leader, Margaret H. Johnson, is a Registered Insolvency Counsellor, a Certified Credit Counsellor, a Coach, and a Money Teacher. She is a thought leader in the field of credit counselling, credit education, and credit building, with over 36 years of financial industry experience. As a successful business owner of Solutions Credit Counselling ServiceWomen and Money Inc., a two-time nominee for local Entrepreneur of the Year, and the President of CAICCA, Margaret has proven to be a respected community member and trusted financial expert.