Welcome to Women and Money Inc.: Turn Your Dreams into Dollars!

At Women and Money Inc., we specialize in guiding women entrepreneurs through the intricate world of finance. Our mission is simple: to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary for financial independence and robust business success.

Who We Are

Founded by Margaret Johnson, a trailblazer in independent credit counseling and a seasoned expert in finance, Women and Money Inc. represents a collective of financial professionals committed to empowering women. Our expertise spans decades, providing unparalleled personal and business finance management insights.

What We Do

Our approach starts at the fundamental level—separating your personal and business finances. This crucial step establishes a solid foundation for financial clarity and success. From there, we offer various services tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs, including financial counseling, debt management strategies, and business profitability enhancement.

Why We Do It

We believe every woman entrepreneur deserves access to the best financial resources and support to thrive. Financial challenges should not be a barrier to success. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to dismantle these obstacles, providing targeted support and education that foster financial confidence and business growth.

How You Benefit

By partnering with Women and Money Inc., you will gain the clarity and skills needed to navigate the financial aspects of your business confidently. Our clients experience transformative results: managing and eliminating debt, enhancing business profitability, and achieving long-term financial stability. We don’t just help you survive in business—we help you thrive, turning your entrepreneurial vision into a profitable reality.

Join Us

Embark on your journey towards financial mastery with Women and Money Inc. Let us help you transform your business finances, enhance your profitability, and achieve your desired independence. Dreams to Dollars!