Women and Money Inc – Our Company

Do you understand your rights and your responsibilities when it comes to money? Are you looking for guidance to finally gain control of your finances?

Women and Money Inc. is in the business of helping women understand personal and business finance.

For some women that may mean the first order of business is to get out of debt, for others, it may mean credit education for them to move forward with their financial lives. We are here to help all women on individual and business levels, including groups and community organizations.

At Women and Money Inc. we are creating a community lead by Money Mavens – women that are experts in their field and wish to mentor other women about finances.

Our vision is to connect a worldwide community of Mavens with the power to transform their individual and collective relationship with money through education. Creating a safe, growth-oriented community for women to evolve and educate one another in their money relationship is the essence of our vision.

When it comes to money management and the rules, the truth is here!

There are many ways we will deliver that truth to you on your terms. We will start with our Mavin Education Programs.

We will continue with introductions to the “Best of the Best” in the financial industry; our Money Mavens will be thrilled at the opportunity to work with you.

Contact Women and Money today to solve your money puzzle! We are here for you!

“A burning passion within has stirred me to convey the truth related to one’s relationship to money; how the financial system operates in terms of your rights; your role in keeping yourself safe, the system accountable, and your opportunity to create self-sufficiency on all levels by cultivating your money relationship with credit education– business and personal.”

Money Maven Leader – Margaret Johnson (2013)