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Protecting Yourself from Fraud – And the Bank

In Canada, you are innocent until you’re proven guilty.  It would appear that our banking system has forgotten this simple fact. Lyndsay Passmore (http://www.theprovince.com/Woman+issues+warning+after+thieves+ring+thousands+credit+cards+bank+says/11333047/story.html)  had 4 credit cards stolen.  When she noticed them missing, she contacted the appropriate banks.  In the interim between the cards being taken and her reporting them stolen, the thieves had…


Debt is Redder than Ever

Nothing like waking up on a Friday morning to find out that the Bank of Canada governor says house prices are overvalued by 30 %.  As reported in the Vancouver Sun, Stephen Poloz, the Bank of Canada Governor said, “The vulnerability associated with household indebtedness is edging higher and the overall risk to financial stability…

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Debt and Bank Fraud

Today there is good and bad news. The good news came from a StatsCan report about all of the household debt in Canada that many  experts have been complaining about – how Canadians have been accused of being bad money managers but guess what? This report confirms that we are not broke and precariously dangling…

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Reach Your Financial Goals Last Year

A fresh new year is a motivating time for change; you want to move closer to your financial goals, you want to gain new habits; you want things to be different this year. This is how most of us feel this time of year — it’s in our nature. But you’re not quite sure how…


Debt and the Dollar

By Margaret H. Johnson This is going to be a very interesting year, indeed. Only ten days in and we see a story about debt. That’s different. The story ran in the Globe and Mail about Canada’s excessive debt and how that has made the rest of the world wary about our dollar, our plunging…


Who’s Debt Free?

By Margaret H. Johnson Lots of media attention to a Royal Bank poll that discovered that a quarter of Canadians appear to be debt free. They reported that for those who do have personal debt the average debt load has jumped up to $15,920, a $2779 increase from a year ago.


Debt is not so Simple Stupid

By Margaret H. Johnson Now let me clarify the title right away. It‘s a pun, my friends, a play on, “Keep it Simple Stupid”. Because, there is nothing simple about debt. People and governments keep underestimating its complexity. For example, the recent amendments to the Statute of Limitations that reduce the period of time to…


If parents die in debt, do children inherit the bills?

By Luann Lasalle In the event of death, can a child inherit parent debt along with assets? {Click here to view the original article published in the Canadian Press on Jun 14, 2013. } The death of a parent can sometimes mean financial turmoil for surviving relatives, but advisers say that lingering debts aren’t the responsibility of the adult…