Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season, starting Now!

Family Feasts

14 Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season - gifts, food, travel and more! |

Do you host the annual turkey dinner for your extended family? There are many ways you can save on the costs of the occasion.

2. Try alternating hosts each year between you, your parents, your brother or sister and in-laws so the financial burden doesn’t always fall on you.

3. If you really enjoy being the host, make it a potluck style dinner, where you cook the turkey and your signature stuffing (or whatever your favourite dish is) and ask others to bring the dessert and side dishes. Slow cookers are perfect for keeping mashed potatoes hot, and you can find lots of recipes and tips for potluck dishes ideal for travel.

4. Make sure you plan your meal ahead of time so you can buy your ingredients in advance when they are on sale, and/or you have the time to collect and use coupons. If you know you’ll be making your family’s favorite pumpkin pie again, stock up on pumpkin puree and spices early when the prices are cheaper and there’s still plenty on the store shelf.

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