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Debt is not forever

Debt is not forever! Here's some awesome free resources for getting out of debt

Are the credit card bills piling up from your holiday spending? If you won’t be able to pay them off for a while, you’re probably resigned to the fact that debt is just a part of life.

Debt comes, and it may go, but more will come. Debt will always be a part of your finances.

But you are wrong. Because debt does not need to be your close friend/enemy.… Read More >

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Should I Join A Birthday Girl Gifting Circle?

Should I join a birthday girl gifting circle?

Recently I met with a couple to do their bankruptcy counselling, and as we were talking the wife asked me a very interesting question. She asked my opinion on joining a “gifting circle” after being invited to do so by a close friend. The buy-in was $5000, and the promised reward was $40,000.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? And you know what they say…

My first response was — that sounds like the “Birthday Girl” scheme. She said “Yes! That’s what they call it, the ‘Birthday Girl’ gets the money when it’s her turn”.… Read More >

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Entrepreneurs: Should you work from home or rent an office?

Entrepreneurs - should you work from home or rent an office?

If you’re a new entrepreneur facing the big decision – should you work from home or rent an office – there are some important points to consider to make the right decision. As you think about the pros and cons of each, remember that the details of your particular business as well as your own personality will determine which is best for you.… Read More >

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Doing It My Way

Doing It My Way: How to Organize Your Affairs, Clarify your Wishes and Leave a Lasting Legacy

By Margaret H. Johnson

When my dad passed away very suddenly, his financial affairs were well organized, but we didn’t know what any of his last personal wishes were. My mom, siblings and I had to make difficult decisions, not knowing what he truly would have wanted us to do. All that stress was compounded by our grief.

After that experience I realized I needed to organize my own affairs and clarify my wishes. And I wondered, how many others are in the … Read More >

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5 Reasons You Didn’t Reach Your Financial Goals Last Year

This is just what I needed! Can't wait to try these tips! - 5 reasons you didn't reach your financial goals last year and how to achieve them this year.

A fresh new year is a motivating time for change; you want to move closer to your financial goals, you want to gain new habits; you want things to be different this year. This is how most of us feel this time of year — it’s in our nature.

But you’re not quite sure how to go about achieving your goals. You try to save money where you can, you try not to overspend, but you still can’t seem to get a good handle on your money and gain real progress towards your goals.

And at the back of your … Read More >

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My Early Christmas Present and Your New Tool for the New Year

By Margaret H. Johnson

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – now that I pulled myself away from the internet and escaped to Vancouver Island to pick up my mother.

2014 has been such a busy and fulfilling year for me, for my staff and all the programs we have worked so hard to produce for our stakeholders. The wheels have been spinning so fast that I have truly been lost in the gravitational pull of daily routine and the solar heat of managing your own business. Sometimes I forget that my family and friends are all waiting … Read More >

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A Simple Christmas

How to Have A Simple Christmas - Women and Money Inc

A good friend of mine, Michael Gillette, a renowned guitarist and teacher, gave me a great Christmas CD of traditional music with a delicious new flavour. Only two instruments play – a flute and acoustic guitar – that reinvigorate the classics with lively nuances and brilliant flurries.

An added feature to their vivacious touch makes this tribute to Christmas fresh: the songs are short. They are mindful the audience already knows the melodies. So, rather than keep repeating the refrains and verses they serve up tasty appetizers that bring back all of the joyful memories in exactly the right portions … Read More >

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Women and Money and Christmas

Women and money and Christmas

We conjured up our best Posts of Christmas Past so you can revel in all this Women and Money and Christmas goodness!… Read More >

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5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Kids

5 smart ways to save money on kids

We spend a lot of money on our kids these days, and a lot of it isn’t necessary. We came up with a list of common mistakes and thrifty solutions for you to save money on kids in a big way. Not all of these will apply to you or will work for you, but hopefully some of them will resonate and help you in your noble quest to save money.… Read More >

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Simple Money Advice

5 pieces of Simple Money Advice that EVERYONE should follow! Why they are the best money tips to listen to.

Do you remember the last piece of really good money advice that you got? Who did you get it from? Was it your parents, your co-worker, your neighbour? Was it from a magazine at the dentist’s office or an inspirational Pinterest board? Where ever you heard it, chances are you remember it because it resonated deeply with you.

Below are some of the most common but smartest ‘money clichés’ that you’ve probably heard – and maybe some that you haven’t!… Read More >

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Why we Buy Luxury Items we Can’t Afford

Interesting topic... Why we buy luxury items we can't afford

How much would you consider spending on a luxury item that you really, really coveted?  How about a lavish designer purse, like a Louis Vuitton or a Chanel?

We’ve all seen the gossip magazines – the ones that feature celebrities carrying expensive, outrageously priced handbags.  How can one purse be worth $5, 000, or even $10, 000, or more?  After all, it’s not encrusted with diamonds or gold.  Really, when you break down the item, it’s just leather and hardware.… Read More >

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How to Change your Money Relationship to Achieve your Dreams

How to discover and change your money relationship to get out of debt and find wealth

You have big dreams, you know things need to change, but you just can’t seem to get out of the money rut you’re stuck in. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong or how to fix it. Well you should know, your current financial position is the result of your “money relationship”. The deeply entrenched feelings you have towards money, probably subconsciously, are driving those money habits you can’t seem to quit.… Read More >

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Christmas Gifts: Should you go with a Handmade Gift or Store Bought?

Christmas gifts: should you go with handmade or store bought?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t, but I’m starting to think of gift ideas and asking the yearly dilemma, to make gifts or to buy them? For me, this is an annual question which could go either way, some years I make gifts for family, other years I buy specific items or even gift cards if I’m really lazy busy stuck. If you are like me and thinking about making some gifts this year, let’s consider the pros and cons in terms of cost, time, and stress to help make our decision.… Read More >

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Do You Have ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’?

Do you have rushing woman's syndrome?

Do you often look at the clock at the end of a long day and wonder where the time went? Do you compare your life to other people’s, especially on social media sites? Do you find that you are stressed out, irritated, and generally unhappy most days?  According to some individuals, you might be a victim of “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” (read the news story on this here).… Read More >

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What Money Mistakes Are You Making?

What money mistakes are you making? The top 4 money mistakes and how to fix them.

I often speak with individuals who claim that they’ve made money mistakes in the past.  “Why didn’t I just do __________!” they tell me, often very regretfully.  While some people are quick to learn from their money blunders, others repeat them without realizing where they went wrong in the first place.  As you probably know, mistakes are disguised lessons – so let’s learn from your past so that you can have a brighter future!… Read More >

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International Day of the Girl Child 2014

International Day of the Girl Child is October 11. Each year since it was declared by the United Nations in 2012, the day has been centered on a different theme of girls rights. In 2012 it was ending child marriage, in 2013 it was innovating for girls education, and this year 2014 the theme is “Empowering adolescent girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence”.

If you are wondering what this is all about, search the hashtag #BrighterFuture. People are using social media to express the importance of equality for girls, and specifically what needs to change in the current global practice … Read More >

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How to Afford a Vacation Every Year

Smart strategies show you how to afford a vacation every year! Read this asap!

Not everyone can afford to take a vacation every year, but many people don’t think they can when they actually can! If you love going on vacation and wish you could more often, read our strategies to find out how.… Read More >

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Christmas Gift List and Budget Printable

I’m happy to offer you a new free printable: My Christmas Gift List & Budget. Although Christmas is still 3 months away, I’m starting to think about shopping for Christmas gifts now. I often buy Christmas gifts throughout the year, stash them away, and then forget how much I spent on them, who they’re for, or even that I had them sitting in my closet. This year I’m determined to be more organized, that’s why I created this Christmas Gift List and Budget sheet, and I want to share it with you!

Love this super handy free printable to organize Christmas gift shopping and stay on budget! My Christmas Gift List & Budget from womenandmoney.comRead More >

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Why you Need to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck – and How

If you are living paycheck to paycheck you need to read this now! Why this lifestyle is dangerous and how to change it.

Are you one of the many people these days who are living paycheck to paycheck? What would happen if your paycheck was delayed by even one week? Would you be facing bounced payments, payday loans, and eating only what’s already in your pantry and fridge? If so you are at risk, find out why and what you can do to stop living paycheck to paycheck.… Read More >

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How to Make a Debt Repayment Plan

Find out how to master your debt by making your own debt repayment plan

At Women and Money Inc we love giving debt advice to women, because debt is such a private and unspoken topic that affects almost every family, and with devastating weight. Many women not only have their own debt, but also deal with their husbands debt as well. And we find it’s often like asking for directions, men may be too proud to ask for advice so women are often the ones to step up. Married or single, you can tackle the debt in a logical and effective way. So take control of that debt and read on for how to … Read More >

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