Debt is not forever! Here's some awesome free resources for getting out of debt

Are the credit card bills piling up from your holiday spending? If you won’t be able to pay them off for a while, you’re probably resigned to the fact that debt is just a part of life.

Debt comes, and it may go, but more will come. Debt will always be a part of your finances.

But you are wrong. Because debt does not need to be your close friend/enemy.

A group of personal finance bloggers are endeavoring to spread the message that debt is NOT forever. That means debt is not a given part of our lives, it is something we can get out of and live happily without.

You can join in the Debt is Not Forever movement too by sharing why you want to be debt-free, an image that is your motivation, or your commitment to a debt-free life. Share on social media using the hashtag #DebtIsNotForever.

To help you on your debt-free journey, here’s some of our best information and resources for tackling debt:

6 tips to help pay those post-Christmas bills

How to make a debt repayment plan

Free debt tracker download (excel or pdf)

Free spending tracker download (excel or pdf)

Free monthly budget worksheet download – includes income, expenses, debt payments and savings goals! (excel or pdf)

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  1. As someone who just got out of debt I can attest to this! I was piled under mounds of debt a couple of years ago, and then I decided it was probably time I start budgeting and seeing where all of my money was going. Lo and behold, I was spending hundreds of dollars at our local thrift shop. Because everything was under $5, I was under the impression that I wasn’t spending that much money. I was so wrong. I found multiple other places that I was spending an absurd amount of money, and after years of budgeting, and keeping careful watch over money, I am finally debt free! It is one of the best feelings in the world, and it is definitely worth the frugal lifestyle.

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