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Season of Savings: Tips to save money on Family Feasts this Holiday Season

Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season, starting Now!

Family Feasts

14 Tips to Save Money this Holiday Season - gifts, food, travel and more! |

Do you host the annual turkey dinner for your extended family? There are many ways you can save on the costs of the occasion.

2. Try alternating hosts each year between you, your parents, your brother or sister and in-laws so the financial burden doesn’t always fall on you.

3. If you really enjoy being the host, make it a potluck style dinner, where you cook the turkey and your signature stuffing (or whatever your favourite dish is) and ask others to bring the dessert and side dishes. Slow … Read More >

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Boost Your Bank Account with a No Spend Month

Boost your bank account with a no spend month! See the rules and tips for a great way to save money!

A dollar saved is a dollar earned… so how much extra money could you earn for yourself by not spending for a month? Just think of what you could do with all that extra cash – pay off debt, achieve your savings goals for a vacation or large ticket item, build up your emergency savings, the list goes on.

I know what you’re thinking: that’s impossible. But I’m talking about discretionary spending here – of course you will still have to pay your bills, but the goal is to not go shopping and to purchase as little as physically possible … Read More >

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10 Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Women and Money Inc presents our blog series “How to save money on…” to help you fine tune your budget and achieve your financial goals! Here is part 1: How to Save Money on Groceries – The 10 Best Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Awesome list! The 10 BEST ways to save money on groceries!

Groceries are one of those household expenses which can be extremely variable, depending on your family size, lifestyle, shopping habits and even which store you shop at. Prices continue to rise over the years, and groceries are often the largest variable household expense. That is why so many people are wondering how to save money … Read More >

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Women Entrepreneur Tips: The 5 Step Plan for Getting Started

For anyone who has dreamed of owning their own business, we are beginning an exciting new series on our blog to help you achieve your dream! Read our “Women Entrepreneur Tips” articles starting with The 5 Step Plan for Getting Started as an Entrepreneur, and more to come.

This is the best! 5 Step Plan for getting started as an entrepreneur - especially love step 5!Read More >

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is the sacred day of the year when we remember to honor our mothers, for all that they do for us and how much they mean to us.… Read More >

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Let’s Talk Banking: How to choose a Bank and Banking Structure

Let's talk banking: how to choose a financial institution and banking structure |

Did you know there are 61 Banks operating in Canada?

Banking is one of those life skills that nobody ever teaches you, and you’re left to sort through the barrage of banking propaganda and figure it out on your own, though most of us never really do. Of course it’s in our best financial interest to understand what’s going on with our accounts and what our options are. So we are going to talk about how to choose a bank and banking structure, and I have a few pieces of advice on the matter to share with you.… Read More >

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Announcing our New Business Relations Manager

We are excited to have Jesse Sidhu joining our team as Business Relations Manager, he is going to help us bring Women & Money Inc to the next level of our vision.… Read More >

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Can we afford to have children?

Can we afford to have children? -

Having and raising children: Are we asking the wrong questions?

Many couples that I work with on a daily basis say things such as “When we have children…” or “We want to have kids.”  I rarely, if ever, meet a couple who actually question whether they have the temperament, lifestyle, or arguably the most important factor, the finances, to raise a child.  The assumption that money will present itself when it is needed, usually by grandparents or during baby showers and the like – is just that, an assumption.  How did we move away from the most fundamental of all … Read More >

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Easter on a Budget

Easter on a Budget -

Easter is coming, are you ready? If your family celebrates the holiday with a big dinner, Easter baskets full of treats and gifts, Easter egg hunts, decorations and more, you may be surprised at how much the holiday costs you. Did you budget for Easter?Read More >

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Getting Credit In Retirement

Getting Credit in Retirement -

Getting Credit When You’re Retired

If you’re retired or over the age of 55, and wondering if you can apply for new credit, you certainly can! But first, make sure to read our tips and advice on getting credit in retirement and do your due diligence first.… Read More >

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Household Expenditures and Debt

By Margaret H Johnson

Wow this has been a colourful year already with so much public attention being given to personal finance and household debt. This week alone there have been articles about retirement incomes, seniors and lotteries, the rising costs of cell phones, and Statistics Canada’s annual report on household expenditures. In other words this affirms the overarching prominence of money issues for most individuals and families from middle and lower income groups in Canada. For many, household expenditures and debt go hand in hand, continually pulling at their pockets, but Statistics Canada fails to acknowledge and analyze the … Read More >

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Gambling to Supplement Retirement Incomes?

By Margaret H Johnson

Don’t worry folks. This is not an essay on economics. It’s a cry for help for seniors. A recent Vancouver Sun article about how the majority of Canadians need CPP or a lottery win for retirement reminded me about how desperate the financial struggle of the elderly really is.… Read More >

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Budgeting and Taxes Part 2

There is a little more to budgeting than good financial advice. You need to have the money.  The recent Conference Board of Canada report suggests that Canada’s social fabric is being torn by rising income inequality and stagnant child poverty rates. It appears that our child poverty rate is up 20% since the mid 1990s.

Of course our consumer debt levels have risen from $100 billion in 1990 to over $500 billion today. Not only has poverty been increasing it holds hands with an increasing dependency upon credit.… Read More >

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Should I borrow to maximize RRSP tax savings?

By Margaret H Johnson

T’is the season to be… uh, um, jolly…. worried, maybe even frightened?

At the end of February, we are pressured to make some important financial decisions. One of the first is: “Do we pay down our debt or save on our taxes?” Read More >

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International Women’s Day and Money

International Women's Day, and Money - WomenandMoney.comIt’s interesting to see an article this week about women still being marginalized in Canadian boardrooms on the eve of the International Women’s Day March 8th celebrations that acknowledge the social, political and economic achievements made by women. Their theme this year: Inspiring Change.… Read More >

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Death and Taxes – and Debt

By Margaret H Johnson

The old joke about the sure things in life used to refer to death and taxes. I think we need to add consumer debt to this list. Certainly if one considers the irrefutable fact that Canadians have borrowed more and more money, each and every year – from $20 billion in the 1970s to the current outstanding consumer debt of $516 billion today. Debt is just as predictable as death and taxes.… Read More >

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Credit Reporting and Debt Collection

By Margaret H. Johnson

Last week I tried to talk about the various experts involved in debt collection and credit counselling. You know what? I forgot all about credit reporting agencies, otherwise known as Credit Bureaus.… Read More >

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Financial Abuse

By Margaret H. Johnson

It is with a heavy heart that I read in the Vancouver Sun today about a financial adviser who targeted as many as 484 investors, many of them seniors, in an investment scheme alleged by the BC Securities Commission to have been premised on fraud and misrepresentations.… Read More >

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Debt and the Dollar

By Margaret H. Johnson

This is going to be a very interesting year, indeed. Only ten days in and we see a story about debt. That’s different.

The story ran in the Globe and Mail about Canada’s excessive debt and how that has made the rest of the world wary about our dollar, our plunging dollar. The article suggests that our dollar has dropped to the 90 cent US range because foreign investors believe our economy is fuelled by unsustainable run-up debt.… Read More >

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Shopping Hobby

By Margaret H Johnson

If you are like me, you grew up knowing that hobbies are activities that you do that can bring fulfillment, joy, inspiration, and a sense of pride.  Whether that hobby is playing sports, reading, learning an instrument, running, volunteering with animals, crocheting – whatever it is – hobbies bring out the best in us and make us more well-rounded and developed individuals. But these days, a popular past-time is the shopping hobby.… Read More >

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